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Photo by Lane Lewis Photography
Speedway, IN

Going back to my childhood, of working in my grandmother Millie's bakery here in Indy, my love for the craft of desserts started early. I remember being 10 years old, learning how to make icing roses & frosted cakes. But my true passion for weddings & desserts exploded in my mid 20's. Back then I never would have thought I'd be making a career out of sweets.

In 2013 I decided, while I was expecting my third child, to attend Culinary School. I graduated with my Associates in Pastry Arts in 2015. Following graduation I worked as a Lead Decorator at Meijer for a time. My first real Pastry Chef position was at the Conrad of Indianapolis. It was there where I perfected my skills that I learned in Culinary School. I was able to create delicious and unique desserts, including custom dessert displays for Weddings & other special events.

Over the years I have also been extremely blessed to work with some of the top Chefs in Indy. I have learned a lot & love using my talents to create beautiful products for my customers.

Kristen, Owner-Operator
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