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Updated: Sep 17, 2023

As some of you know we have been hard at work preparing our new storefront. I am so excited for you to see our work.

This is where we started. Let's be honest this is a disaster! There ended up being at least six layers of random flooring. Where nothing matched. I was really nervous about how much work needed to be done.

You know they never tell you when you decide to open any kind of store how many underlying things there are to do before you can even open your doors.

I learned how to build layouts and floorplans, building design approvals, plumbing requirements. All the paperwork parts of the build-out. I had to do so much research on laws and codes, countless emails and back and forths with all kinds of inspectors.

I will say I have learned so much during this process. I have gained so much knowledge on my county and city codes and regulations. It has definitely made me a better business owner.

Look how beautiful she looks now!

This space is so beautiful! The floors are amazing, and I can't wait to have all of our bakery cases installed.

What's next?!

This week we will be having all of our equipment delivered and installed. Then we just have our final inspections to get out of the way. We are anticipating having those done by the end of the month. As soon as we get our passing, we will have a Grand Opening!

What are you going to expect out of our new store?

Miss May Designs Bake Shop is a custom bakery. We will continue being able to offer custom order birthday cakes, party cakes and wedding cakes and desserts. The bonus of having a full store front you will be able to walk in and order cakes now in person. With a larger space we will also be able to expand the amount and types of orders we are able to take.

What's new? We will now have a full array of baked goods and desserts available for walk in. You will be able to stop by and get an individual dessert or a take home cake on any given day. We also have partnered with Indy's favorite freeze-dried candy maker, Indy Sweet Treats, who will have a vast, unique supply of treats available.

I am so thankful to have such a supportive group of customers not only in Speedway but all over Indy. I cannot wait to invite you to come see our new shop!

Making Delicious Memories

Kristen <3

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